Offering financing for all types of credit requires that we deal not only with the banks for our customers with strong credit but have other lenders and finance companies willing to consider credit applications for those going through bankruptcy, consumer proposal (discharged or not) or who have credit issues due to any number of reasons. We have established strong working relationships with our lending partners and this enables Budds’ Auto Credit to secure credit approval to all applicants at the best rate given your credit circumstances.


Chances are, if your credit has been damaged in the past, moving forward in getting your credit reestablished safely and securely is important to you. Budds’ Auto Credit has a number of credit protection resources available to you and recommended by our lenders.

Our Financial services include a wide array of choices to make your car purchase a smart purchase. Choose from products to help protect you from life’s curveballs, including credit insurance, life and disability insurance and Walkaway Protection. We will explain all of your options in a clear and detailed manner, and let you decide what’s best for you and your family.

Consider our Walkaway Protection and GMPP Warranty for peace of mind!

Budds Walkaway

At Budds’ Auto Credit, we’ve got you covered!

At Budds’ we know everyone, and every situation is different. That’s why we engage not just one or two lending institutions, but nearly a dozen. From the big banks we all know, to the smaller lenders specializing in unique cases. We hate the word ‘no’, and won’t rest until we hear ‘yes!’